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Date: November 2022

Title:  Research Operations Manager

Department:  Biomedical Engineering           

School:  Case School of Engineering

Location: Wickenden Hall

Supervisor Name and Title:  Andrew Shoffstall, Assistant Professor


The Research Operations Manager will have operational leadership and scientific oversight of research projects and other special projects assigned by the Principal Investigator. The manager will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of funded projects, and to provide scientific (design, measurement, analyses) oversight of all projects conducted. This position is unique to the Center for Neural Interface Design, Validation, and Implementation in Biomedical Engineering and reports directly to the Center Co-Director, Andrew Shoffstall. The purpose of the program is to perform research to develop novel solutions that improve the function and performance of implanted medical devices in the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system.

Specifically, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded a team of researchers led by Case Western Reserve University and Duke University a 3-year contract for an initiative to speed the development of therapeutic devices that control electrical activity in nerves to improve chronic medical conditions. The NIH contract—specifically to Reconstruct Vagal Anatomy (REVA)—will allow researchers to map the body’s vagus nerve using the latest high-resolution imaging technology. The team’s goal will be to show how nerve tracts in the vagus map to organs. The vagus nerves connect the brainstem to most organs in the torso, including the heart, lungs, pancreas, stomach and intestines, to control and sense the body’s inner workings. Electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve has been used to treat epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis and heart failure, among many other conditions. This is a full-time position, and is central to accomplishing the goals of the program. The 3-year contract is a unique mechanism and requires rapid turnaround times, frequent and rigorous monthly reporting, and milestone achievements on which continued funding is contingent.


  1. With the principal investigator, establish goals and objectives for the efficient and timely completion of projects. Meet with principal investigator on a regular basis to review and set priorities, staff/student-related issues, and future research and staff planning.  (18%)
  2. Manage all new and current research projects. Provide scientific oversight of all research projects, reporting directly to the principal investigator. Establish and manage the day-to-day priorities of the research staff. Serve as the lead member of the research team to implement the programmatic pieces of the research plan as outlined in the grant. Meet regularly with the research staff to lead and coordinate the research, evaluation and administrative priorities of the projects. Develop a project pipeline to maintain consistent flow of revenue into the center. Collaborate with Biomedical Engineering faculty and their physician counterparts from the School of Medicine in developing their animal and clinical research studies, while seeding project revenue streams for the center. Market the core services across campus to initiate and maintain revenue streams. Responsible for site monitoring visits from government and funding agencies. (10%)
  3. Oversee the fiscal management of operational and research budgets, includes accounts payable, iLab billing and grant expenditures. Monitor and evaluate departmental spending. Draft and negotiate budgets for new grants and sponsored research. Oversee the execution of contracts and budgets. Prepare and distribute the financial reporting to requesting agencies. Business management of the center’s histology core; including budget forecasting; overseeing invoicing through iLab; maintenance of billing records; directing ongoing inventory and approving purchasing/requisition to maintain inventory. (10%)
  4. Interview, hire, orient and supervise research staff, includes conducting annual performance reviews and development, initiating all necessary paperwork, and addressing employee issues and concerns. Provide and oversee training of all research staff. Provide staff with regular updates and communication regarding any changes and ensuring compliance to research protocols and regulatory documentation. Maintain regular contact with all research staff to assist them in carrying out their job responsibilities. Supervising and scheduling staffing within the center’s histology core; Manage, supervise and schedule staffing within the center, including hiring, onboarding, training, and ongoing education of staff and students. Develop training sessions as needed to train, and maintain productivity within the core with respect to histology technician duties: changing and preparing buffers, reagents, antibodies, sectioning, staining, cover slipping, and some microscopy with training. Advising staff on optimizing tissue processing, staining, and IHC workflows. (10%)
  5. Manage all aspects of data analyses from data cleaning to preparation of manuscripts and presentations at scientific meetings. Lead the evaluation of testing and questionnaire development, based on recommendations of the funding agency. Assist in organizing all data collection procedures. Coordinate and oversee data cleaning processes conducted by student employees and research assistant(s). Ensure inter-rater reliability and resolve any issues that arise. (10%)
  6. Serve as the contact person for data issues related to the project. Oversee all aspects of data collection, including staff, providing investigators and research team with regular updates and recommendations. Reporting progress monthly and any research findings to support NIH contractual obligations. Email, in person, and phone communications; recurring meetings as required. (10%)
  7. Develop and maintain all data derived from studies. Create and maintain project-specific working data files and prepare necessary documentation of all syntax related to univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analyses. Prepare statistical analyses needed for annual reports, including progress reports to funding agencies and Institutional Review Board (IRB) renewal reports. (10%)
  8. Provide input to the design of clinical studies as required for new grant applications. Create a timeline for new projects, complete with a work plan to achieve project goals. Organize all necessary meetings with both research staff and outside agencies. (10%)
  9. Actively participate in the authorship of projects. Responsible for preparation of abstracts, manuscripts, presentations, reports, publications and posters. Responsible for grant preparation, including drafting content, compiling required documentation and biosketches, editing application to meet guidelines, and timely submission of grant. Ensure IRB approvals are secured and maintained. Advance the goals of the center by co-designing and assisting in strategic thrusts by the center directors. Examples include participating in research and equipment grant writing. (10%)


Perform other duties as assigned. (2%)


Department: Frequent contact with biomedical engineering department staff. Weekly contact with faculty to maintain workflow.

University: Regular contact with Faculty outside of Biomedical Engineering to solicit new projects and manage existing project. Informing: other department staff, professors, vendors, University Departments, grant agencies, and students. Obtaining Approvals: other department staff, professors, vendors, University departments, and grant agencies.

External: Interact with other research institutions and Universities involved in related device and histological research to establish a network for future engagement.

Students: Interact with biomedical engineering and medical school students periodically. 


Supervise 4 to 6 staff and graduate students in the center, including high-level research professionals.


Experience: 8 years of experience in the field of histology.

Education/Licensing: Bachelor’s degree in science or engineering field. HTL ASCP Certification preferred.


  1. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
  2. Strong written and oral communication skills. Ability to interact with colleagues, supervisors and customers face to face.
  3. Ability to handle office operations, supervisory and training demands with efficiency and a high degree of independence.
  4. Ability to create and maintain records and data files.
  5. Sensitivity to issues of confidentiality and research ethics.
  6. Ability to meet consistent attendance.
  7. Knowledge of specialized technical procedures, equipment and assessments.
  8. Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EndNote, SPSS and SAS.
  9. Must possess advanced analytical skills, file management and basic study design.
  10. Has knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within histology and immunohistochemistry
  11. Ability to rely on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform histology and immunohistochemistry
  12. Ability to operate laboratory and histological equipment.
  13. Ability to interact with colleagues, supervisors and customers face to face.
  14. Strategic planning and project management
  15. Strong interpersonal and cross-disciplinary communication skills
  16. Passion for teaching and mentoring
  17. Self-starter
  18. Result driven
  19. Ability to work in an unstructured, dynamic and fast changing environment
  20. Knowledge of unmet medical needs in healthcare, especially in biomedical and therapeutic areas is a plus.


General laboratory environment. May have exposure to hazards, including hazardous chemicals. Regular use of fume hood and environmental safety controls required, occasional travel.

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  • Company Name For Job: Case Western Reserve Univesity
  • Position Title: Research Operations Manager, #11007
  • Job Function: Admin/Clerical/Secretarial
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