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University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY, United States (on-site)
5 days ago
University of Wyoming
Laramie, Wyoming, United States (on-site)
5 days ago


The Center for Advanced Scientific Information (CASI) will be a shared instrumentation resource serving life and physical sciences departments at the University of Wyoming (UW) to spur cutting-edge research while helping to attract and retain the nation’s best faculty. The CASI will promote connections between the biological and physical sciences within a new state-of-the-art facility and via the use of additional instrumentation distributed across campus. This staffed and supported facility will train students, promote economic development, and increase the efficiency of use for scientific instrumentation at UW. 



  • Masters or Ph.D. in biology, chemistry, physics, molecular biology, materials science, or closely related fields
  • At least two years’ experience in the use and maintenance of highly sophisticated imaging equipment. 


  • Experience in managing, leading, and motivating a team of technical staff. Ability to train staff and manage the operation of all aspects of the technology, including specimen preparation, automated image/data collection, and software control. 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Writing skills appropriate to aid in the creation of clear and compelling grant proposals. Communication skills that lend themselves to clear and persuasive presentations to students, peer review groups, funding organizations, vendors, and other stakeholders. 
  • Strong theoretical and practical knowledge of basic and advanced micro and macroscale techniques, such as (brightfield, phase-contrast, DIC, Hoffman, fluorescence, plasmon resonance, single and multi-photon and spinning disk confocal, light-sheet, high-content, super-resolution, TIRF, and other related techniques). Ability to train others in these techniques to a high degree of proficiency.
  • Strong theoretical and practical knowledge of microscopy techniques employed in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and focused ion beam-scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM) dual beam systems, such as brightfield/darkfield transmission imaging, energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) mapping, and the use of FIB systems to fabricate cross-sections for TEM analysis. Ability to train others in these techniques to a high degree of proficiency.
  • Some theoretical and practical knowledge of aspects of small animal imaging, such as intravital imaging, bioluminescence, fluorescence, x-ray, ultrasound, µPET and µCT. 
  • Proficiency in the basic upkeep and maintenance of relevant imaging systems.
  • Broad practical knowledge of basic and advanced image acquisition and analysis tools, such as Nikon Elements, JOBS, FIJI, ImageJ, ImagePro, Metamorph, Slidebook, Zen, Leica, Micromanager and open source implementations written in Python, R, or Matlab.

Job Information

  • Job ID: 65739912
  • Workplace Type: On-Site
  • Location:
    Laramie, Wyoming, United States
  • Position Title: Director, Center for Advanced Scientific Instrumentation
  • Company Name For Job: University of Wyoming
  • Job Function: Research
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Job Duration: Indefinite
  • Min Education: Master's Degree
  • Min Experience: 2-3 Years
  • Required Travel: None

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